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Medical Alert System:

Whenever help is needed, for whatever reason day or night, a simple push of the button and a trained professional will assist you by contacting paramedics, an ambulance, the police, family members or even a neighbor.

Response Inc makes sure you're well taken care of. Our operators will always stay on the phone until help has arrived.

Some facts:

  • Compact, State-of-the-art unit with advanced 2-way communication

  • Lightweight, 100% waterproof Smart Pendants

  • Monitored Medication Reminders & Wellness check

  • Health Test Reminders

  • Wake-up calls

  • 24/7 service, 365 days a year.

MedReady Pill Dispenser:

Medication management is a growing and costly problem for seniors and at-risk individuals in the United States. Response Inc has affordable, easy-to-use medication management systems to helps seniors, at risk individuals, and persons with chronic illnesses better manage their medications helping to reduce illnesses and hospital visits associated with medication non-adherence.

    Some facts:

    • 55% of Older Adults do not follow, in some way, medication regimen. (Amarai, 1986).
    • Medication non-adherence accounts for more than 10% of older adult hospital admissions (Vermiere, 2001).
    • Medication non-adherence costs the US healthcare system approximately $290 billion a year or 13% of all spending (New England Health Institute).

             Lock Boxes:
            For a small additional, one time cost, this will save you money in the long run. In the event where the emergency contact listed is not available, this would prevent paramedics from breaking down a door or even into a window to get into the home in case of a serious emergency. Our monitoring center will have the password on file and will relay it to EMS, Police or Fire
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